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Journal of strategic studies Feb 2015

Vol.37, No.6-7 (December 2014)


  1. Morale and combat performance : an introduction
  2. In search of the ‘X’ factor : morale and the study of strategy
  3. Morale and battlefield performance at Caporetto, 1917
  4. The morale maze : the German army in late 1918
  5. A criterion for settling inconsistencies in Clausewitz’s on war
  6. Clausewitz’s concept of strategy – balancing purpose, aims and means
  7. War as a system : a three-stage model for the development of Clausewitz’s thinking on military conflict and its constraints
  8. Germany’s answer to standard oil : the continental oil company and nazi grand strategy, 1940-1942
  9. Britain’s ‘independent’ V-Bomber force and US nuclear weapons,1957-1962
  10. Sir Robert Thompson, strategic patience and Nixon’s war in Vietnam
  11. ‘what kind of war is this?’
  12. Deterring ‘Able Archer’ : comments arising from Adamsky’s ‘lessons for deterrence theory and practice’