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May 2021 Intercultural Communication in Business and Organisations

Title : Intercultural Communication in Business and Organisations : An Introduction

Author : S. Paul Verluyten

Publisher : Acco

ISBN : 9789033445347

Intercultural failures cost companies millions: negotiations are broken off, off do not work out as expected, expatriates return home prematurely, joint ventures may collapse. Add to that the emotional stress to the individuals involved!. Yet intercultural encounters can turn out to be among the most enriching experiences in your life, provided you prepare for them carefully. This book will help you in doing so. Its main emphasis is on awareness and understanding. Why do negotiations take so long in Japan? Why do your French associates appear arrogant to many? You will move from misunderstanding and irritation towards a positive interpretation and appreciation of the other person’s culturally defined communication style. After reading this book, you will have become a better “intercultural communicator”.