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  • September 2021 Perspectives on Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

May 2021 Perspectives on Sino Japanese Diplomatic Relations

Title : Perspectives on Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

Author : The Yomiuri Shimbun Political News Department

Publisher : Japan Publishing Foundation for Culture

ISBN : 9784916055873

In East Asia, the growth center of the post-Cold War world, two regional powerhouses survey one another from opposite sides of the Japan Sea. China, a rising power with tremendous economic clout and an increasingly assertive foreign and military policy, and Japan, a respected leader in the region and a mature nation enjoying its greatest political stability in many years, must coexist for the peace and prosperity of East Asia and the Asia-Pacific. But just how well can these neighbors—and oftentimes rivals—get along? What stands in the way? And who else is caught up in their volatile relationship?.