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Jan 2020 External Factors For Asian Development

Title :  External Factors For Asian Development

Editor : Hirohisa Kohama

Publisher : ISEAS

This is Volume 1 of a 3-volume study, Asian Development Experience, which is expected to contribute to research as well as policy-making in Asia and elsewhere. An earlier version of this study was supported by the Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund. External Factors for Asian Development investigates the effects of Japan's foreign aid for development and trade and FDI on ASEAN economies from various perspectives, including historical implications of Japan's involvement, agricultural exports, the development pattern of the Southeast Asian countries, the formation of international production/distribution networks, poverty reduction, upgrading technology, and industrial agglomeration. The contributors analyze trade, FDI and foreign aid from the standpoint of policy coherence at the interface between development co-operation and many other policy areas: trade, agriculture, food safety, fisheries, intellectual property, the environment, international finance, tax policy, migration, and peace and security.