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November 2019 The Daily Disciplines of Leadership

Title : The Daily Disciplines of Leadership : How to Improve Student Achievement, Staff Motivation, and Personal Organization

Author : Douglas B. Reeves

Publisher : Jossey-Bass

The Daily Disciplines of Leadership is a comprehensive and down-to-earth manual for school leaders that addresses the daunting challenges that today's principals, superintendents, and teacher-leaders face on a daily basis. Written by Douglas Reeves-- a leading authority on academic standards, performance assessment, and accountability-- the information in this book is based on his extensive experience working with educators, administrators, and school board members from across the country and internationally. Reeves discusses the basic purpose of leadership, presents four key leadership archetypes, and offers practical recommendations for action. Covering a wide range of topics-- from accountability systems to personal communications-- this book will serve as the 'go to' resource for novice and seasoned school leaders alike.