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Security Studies An Introduction

Title: Security Studies : An Introduction

Author : Paul D.Williams

Publisher : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Year: 2012

Comprehensively revised for the new edition including new chapters on Polarity, Culture, Intelligence, and the Academic and Policy Worlds, it continues to give students a detailed overview of the major theoretical approaches, key themes and most significant issues within security studies.

Part 1 : explores the main theoretical approaches currently used within the field from realism to international political sociology

Part 2 : explains the central concepts underpinning contemporary debates from the security dilemma to terrorism.

Part 3 : presents an overview of the institutional security architecture currently influencing world politics using international,regional             and global levels of analysis.

Part 4 : examines some of the key contemporary challenges to global security from the arms trade to energy security.

Part 5 : discusses the future of security.

Security Studies provides a valuable teaching tool for undergraduates and MA students by collecting these related strands of the field together into a single coherent textbook.