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Waktu Operasi

Isnin - Jumaat
7:30pagi - 5:00petang
12:15tghr - 2:45petang (Tutup)
*Ditutup pada Sabtu, Ahad dan Cuti Umum




The Language Division, headed by a Director who is assisted by assistant-directors of English and Foreign Languages, provide language training in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and the Malay language (Bahasa Melayu). These programmes are aimed at developing the linguistic knowledge and skills of officials of the Malaysian Foreign Service as well as other ministries, government departments and agencies.

The English language programmes at IDFR aim to provide regular and intensive language training course and to enable officials to carry out their professional duties effectively and confidently at home and abroad. The ‘English for Diplomacy’ course under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) is aimed at enhancing language skills and competencies in job-related situations.

Apart from conducting courses for Malaysian government officers, the Language Division also conducts English skills training for participants, both local and foreign, attending diplomatic training courses at IDFR.

The courses in other foreign languages (French, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin) are offered to equip officers with a working knowledge of particular languages that will assist them in their official duties at home and abroad.

The ‘Conversational Bahasa Melayu’ course, conducted by a guest lecturer is offered to diplomats of foreign missions in Kuala Lumpur so as to give them the opportunity to be acquainted with the National Language of Malaysia.

The Language Division adopts an integrated training methodology and participants learn through lectures, workshops, discussions and practical exercises in group.