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The Little Red Dot: Reflections by Singapore's Diplomats

by Guest

Title: The Little Red Dot: Reflections by Singapore's Diplomats
Author: Tommy Koh (editor)

Review:The book is made up of various accounts by Singapore Diplomats throughout its short history. It will gives insights to how a tiny nation with virtually no natural resources can command respect and create impact in the real diplomatic world of super-powerful nations and their agenda.

I bought the book to learn more of Singapore, but got more in return. It is very good book to understand diplomacy and international business, what are the manners, thinking, culture of various nations - and how to get your agenda through, that can be used in daily life and especially office politics.

This is very easy to read book, with the diplomats sharing short (couple of pages at most each) with real-life accounts of their experience and critical knowledge learned during their term. I highly recommend this book.


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