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The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations

Title: The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Politics
Author: John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens
ISBN: 978-0199569090

Thoughtfully broken down into readable chapters by Baylis & Smith's cohorts at the University in Aberystwyth, this book will provide an excellent introduction to traditional perspectives on International Relations as well as more contemporary issues. It will remain especially useful for Social Science students due to its combination of clear and simple structure including key points, discussion/writing questions at the end of each chapter as well as useful bibligraphic suggestions for further reading. The only shortcoming is that it needs to be revised to include a more thorough analysis of recent events such as the anti-WTO movement and issues surrounding nation-building and failed states; updates that, I presume, are coming in the next edition. Overall, an extremely useful book.


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The partner

Title: The partner
Author: John Grisham
ISBN: 978-0345531957

Patrick Lanigan was a young lawyer who had recently become a partner in a propsperous law firm. Feeling a sense of hopelessness in his life, he plotted for months on how he would disappear and start a new life in a foreign country. He learned about a scheme in which his law firm would earn $90 million dollars for their client. Patrick obtained a new identity and stole the money. He started a new life in Brazil with a beautiful young woman, but was always looking over his shoulder. Four years later, he was found and tortured. He was brought back to the US and treated at a hospital while under arrest. He took that time to create an impecable defense for himself and eventually all charges were dropped and he went back to Brazil with $30 million dollars to live happily ever after. But he didn't... I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for an intriguing story that is a fast read. I loved the character of Patrick Lanigan, with his attention to detail and the remarkable tactics he used to win his case. I did not enjoy the ending, however, because it left you with a sense of disappointment and wonder. It was still an entertaining book that I couldn't wait to finish.


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Novel Terbaru

Title: Mr London Ms Langkawi
Author:Alaf 21


Aidid Mukhlis - Berpelajaran tinggi dan mempunyai kerjaya yang bagus. Dari kecil sudah menetap di luar negara membuatkan jiwanya seakan hilang rasa cinta pada kampung halaman. Akhirnya kerana dipaksa, dia pulang juga tanpa rela.

Nurul Liyana - Dia hanya gadis biasa. SPM pun setakat cukup makan. Memang dia dalam kategori bukan pelajar cerdik tapi jiwanya besar. Cintanya pada tanah air cukup menebal. Bila bertemu, mereka sentiasa berlaga angin. Seorang serius bukan main. Yang seorang lagi, nakalnya… Nauzubillah.

"Macamlah bagus sangat Kota London dia tu," ejek Liyana penuh jengkel.
"Memang bagus pun," jawab Aidid dengan nada yang menyakitkan hati.
"Apa yang bagus sangat? Apa yang London ada, Malaysia tak ada? Cer cite… cer cite." Liyana melawan kata-kata Aidid.
"Yang bagusnya, kat London tu tak ada mulut mak nenek macam kau!"

Hmm... asyik bertekak sahaja Mr. London dan Ms. Langkawi ini. Kata orang, perbezaan akan mewujudkan keserasian. Tetapi adakah keserasian akan wujud dalam jiwa Aidid Mukhlis dan Nurul Liyana?


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The Little Red Dot: Reflections by Singapore's Diplomats

Title: The Little Red Dot: Reflections by Singapore's Diplomats
Author: Tommy Koh (editor)

Review:The book is made up of various accounts by Singapore Diplomats throughout its short history. It will gives insights to how a tiny nation with virtually no natural resources can command respect and create impact in the real diplomatic world of super-powerful nations and their agenda.

I bought the book to learn more of Singapore, but got more in return. It is very good book to understand diplomacy and international business, what are the manners, thinking, culture of various nations - and how to get your agenda through, that can be used in daily life and especially office politics.

This is very easy to read book, with the diplomats sharing short (couple of pages at most each) with real-life accounts of their experience and critical knowledge learned during their term. I highly recommend this book.


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