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  • Aug 2016 Title : Coretan kenangan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj : tahun-tahun penting bagi Malaya dan Malaysia Editor : Shamsudin Puteh Publisher : Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia Year : 2007 Melalui buku ini, Tunku Adbul Rahman Putra Al-Haj menceritakan pe

Jan 2020 Lessons of Success

Title :  Lessons of Success : The Legacy of Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. The Hong Piow

Publisher : Public Bank Berhad

The fruit of success is sweetest when one’s achievements are recognized and appreciated by other people. Having staked a claim as Asia’s Banking Grandmaster, Tan Sri Teh has won the highest recognition from kings, ministers and luminaries to the men and women of higher echelons and members of his corporate family right down to the man on the street. Under his sterling leadership, Public Bank has won over 300 awards while Tan Sri Teh himself has been bestowed with numerous personal-to-holder awards, uncountable accolades and recognition, both local and international, for his unparalleled achievements in banking as well as for his superb leadership prowess.