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Jan 2020 Smart Growth and Climate Change

Title : Smart Growth and Climate Change : Relional Development, Infrastructure and Adaptation

Editor : Matthias Ruth

Publisher : Edward Elgar

This innovative volume systematically brings together two strands of applied research that, to date, have been carried out separately - `smart growth' research and climate change adaptability research. By providing theory, models, and case studies from North America, Oceania and Europe, the book creates synergies between the two strands, reconciles differences, and provides insights for decision-makers at national and local levels. The contributors to the volume draw on modeling tools complementary to both camps as they explore the issues surrounding: water and energy use, health, transportation, urbanization and regional development. Examples from around the world illustrate the relationships between regional land use, infrastructure development, quality of life and climate change. The contributors take special care to develop theory and models in real-world contexts as they emphasize both the science of climate change and its land use management, policy and investment implications. In addition, they pay special attention to bridging the gaps that may exist among science and engineering, stakeholder interests, and policy implementation