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July 2018 Understanding European Foreign Policy

Title : Understanding European Foreign Policy

Author : Brian White

 Publisher : Palgrave

European is becoming an increasingly important economic superpower and its foreign policy now has a massive impact on every part of the globe. But Europe is not a state nor does it have a conventional government, so who controls its foreign policy sometimes fail spectacularly, as un its attempts to stabilize the former Yugoslavia through the 1990s? In this important new book, Brian White argues that European foreign policy is not just the sum total of the individual foreign policies of the fifteen member states od the European Union. It also includes the foreign policy of the Union – since the Maastricht Treaty, the EU’s ‘Common Foreign and Security Policy’ – and the foreign economic policy or ‘external relations’ of the European Community. All three dimensions are examined here using a common framework to provide an integrated account of the nature of European foreign policy at the beginning of the twenty-first century.