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Jun 2016 Understanding The Contemporary Middle East

Title : Understanding The Contemporary Middle East

Author : Jillian Schwedler & Deborah J. Gerner

Publisher : Lynne Rienner Publishers

Year : 2008

The third edition of "Understanding the Contemporary Middle East" includes two entirely new chapters, one on religion and politics and one on the economies of the Middle East, as well as a greatly expanded discussion of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Iran is on the defensive as the United States continues its accusations that Iran is harboring a nuclear weapons program. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains unresolved, despite periodic peace initiatives. Violence in Darfur continues unabated, with images of devastated Sudanese refugees again gracing the front pages of national newspaper. Scholars vie with pundits and politicians to ‘explain’ what happening in the Middle East, as the classrooms for courses on all aspects of the region-including languages classes –remain packed. In addition, all of the chapters have been fully updated. Maps, photographs, and tables of basic political data enhance the text, which has already made its place as the best available introduction to the region.