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Speech Writing

Title : Speech Writing : The Expert Guide

Author : Simon Lancaster

Publisher : Hale Expert Guides

Year : 2010

Speech writing is the definitive guide to writing a speech, revealing all the tools and techniques of the trade—such as how to win an argument, construct a soundbite, and perform on stage. The first part of the book covers the arts of persuasion, argument, storytelling, and metaphor, providing a solid grounding in the theory of speechwriting, which should appeal to anyone with an interest in politics, communication, or language. The second part covers the crafts of editing, soundbites, media manipulation, performance, and strategy, giving invaluable practical guidance to professional or aspiring speechwriters. This book combines academic rigor with practical nous, drawing on lessons from luminaries as varied as Aristotle to Obama. It is the essential guide for anyone who writes speeches, for themselves or others, in politics, PR, or business.