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New Dimensions of China Japan U.S Relations

Title : New Dimensions of China –Japan-U.S- Relations

Author : Japan Center for International Exchange

Publisher : Japan Center for International Exchange

 Year : 1999

Today, events in Asia Pacific are forcing China, Japan, and the United States to reassess their individual bilateral relations and trilateral relationship in order to successfully manage the transition from old, cold war patterns of interaction to a post –cold war structure of regional international relations.

The nine essays collected here analyze these new dimensions of the China –Japan-U.S. relationship and evaluate the status of such traditional factors as the Korean peninsula, Taiwan, and the U.S.-Japan security alliance. The eight authors , all of whom are seasoned observes of international relations, recognize that three –way dialogue among China, Japan, and the United States is essential as the countries of Asia Pacific shed traditional approaches to security to forge a new set of stable and cooperative regional relationships. How China, Japan and the United States –the three countries with the greatest influence in the Asia Pacific region-conduct their interrelations and deal with regional issues will affect the future of Asia Pacific.