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Rules and Regulations


  • Library users are required to register themselves at the library counter.
  • Non IDFR staff are required to submit official written request to use the library.
  • Library users are required to wear nametags or visitors pass within the library.
  • Library users must be in office attire, observe silence and refrain from eating and drinking in the library.


  • The number of books that a course participant can borrow depends on the duration of the course.
  • Borrowers are responsible and will be penalised for any loss or damage of the books borrowed. Borrowers must report loss of Library materials to staff at the Circulation Counter immediately. They can pay the current replacement cost of the items or replace the lost items. For any item lost, the borrower must pay double the cost of the item
  • Borrowers cannot lend out books issued under their names to someone else.
  • Borrowers may be asked to return books borrowed, before the due date, if the need arises.
  • Course participants must settle all their loans at the end of their courses. If they wish to borrow library books after their courses, they may do so under the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL).


  • Loans can be renewed once only when there are no reservations. After that, user must returning the books first before make any new loans.
  • Please state your name, identification number, items accession number and title upon making the request.

Overnight Loans

  • Reference `R’ books can be borrowed overnight only.
  • Overnight loans can be made on Monday to Friday at 4.45 pm and returned on the next day by 8.30 am.

Overdue Loans

  • A fine of RM 0.10 cents. per book per day will be charged for each overdue loan.
  • A maximum charge for an overdue loan is RM10.00.

Return of Books

  • All books borrowed must be returned to the library staff. Borrowers should not return books to the shelves themselves.
  • Borrowed books can be returned to the book drop machine or Circulation Counter. Users are responsible to return the items before or on the due date to avoid fine.
  • A borrower will have to pay double for the cost of any item lost or damaged.

Red Spot Collection
(Books recommended by the lecturers)

  • This collection is located behind the Service Counter (First Floor) and it is under staff control.
  • All items in this collection are only for reference and can be borrowed out for a limited time only.


  • The use of the Internet is confined only to IDFR staff and course participants.
  • Users can print anything from the Internet but all course participants are encourage to print any materials they want at computer laboratory that located at Block C.


  • Users may do photocopies of materials according to the current intellectual properties terms and regulations. Photocopy service are based on a self-service concept and users are subject to buy the photocopy prepaid cards at the main service counter to use the service.
  • This service is provided free of charge to IDFR staff only. Other user should pay RM 10.00 to get photocopying prepaid card.

Typing/ Printing and Downloading

  • The computers and printers in the library are not to be used for typing and printing purpose. Course participants can use such facilities at the Computer Laboratory in Block C, First Floor.

Intelibrary Loan (ILL)

  • This service enables libraries to borrow items on behalf of their clients from other library collections.
  • Users are required to access via Katalog Induk Kebangsaan (KIK)/ Union Catalogue of Malaysia Portal to search and identify any books needed if available.
  • Any place request must be done by library staff. Please refer staff on duty at the counter service.
  • Library will notify you when the item arrives, or if we are unable to find a lender.

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